Our Bread

NO PRESERVATIVE, CHEMICAL PRODUCT OR GMO. We pride ourselves in baking healthy and natural breads.
  • Olivier creates his recipes with his French traditional way of baking
  • Olivier chose flour with only about 12% of gluten like in France, instead of the usual 20-24% gluten in North America (digestion problems with bread are almost unheard of in France, thanks to this difference!)
  • Olivier made his own levain in 2009. This levain, a natural fermentation (think of smelly French cheese and wine), allows our bread to be more digestible and tastier.
  • Through this traditional way of baking, the fermentation goes slowly just like good cheeses and wines in cool French cellars.
  • Olivier uses top quality ingredients like his Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our Ciabatta, and real high-quality butter in our Danishes.

Short Story

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Olivier is a French baker who graduated from the National Institute of Bakery and Pastry, one of the best schools in France at 40 years old, after 20 years in sales.

Mid-life crisis? We think so…but all for the best!



Well-known for the quality of its teaching, INBP is a dynamic school.

Baking and Pastry-making teachers are top professionals. Some of them have been awarded the prestigious title of “One of the Best Workers in France” (“Un des Meilleur Ouvrier de France”).  This competition is very challenging and rewarding to top performers.

The Move To Canada

Olivier and his wife owned a bakery in southern France for 5 years. In 2008, they decided to move to Canada with their four children, an idea they had had for a long time.

They set up shop in 2009, and Olivier’s passion for quality bread has led his company to expand rapidly.




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